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Monday, November 14

Presentation New Member

Hi! I am learning to knit socks in Stockholm, Sweden right now. I have finished my first attempt, a tiny sock, and I think the time has come to try the Pom Squad Socks.

I wanted to join a KAL for overcoming my irrational fear of knitting socks. Can't understand it - wanna get over it.

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Monday, August 22

toe up cast ons

Thanks for the invite to blog, Jenny. I have decided to play around w/the different cast ons and get it right before I knit up the foot. I am going to rip out what I've done as soon as the kids are in bed. Anyway, these socks are just great so happy knitting everyone!

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Monday, August 1

progress, anyone?

so i've fallen victim to second-sock-syndrome, and sock #2 is still hanging out on the needles, without a cuff. i'll finish it soon, i promise!

where is everyone else on their pom squad socks?

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Tuesday, June 28

What yarn to use?

Hi! I haven't picked up my yarn for these adorable socks, so, I was wondering what type of yarn you are using? The majority of the fingering weight/sock yarn I have seen has wool in it, and I am wanting something more cotton based.


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Sunday, June 26

1 down...

sock #1 is all done! i don't have any pics right now (camera has no batteries) but i'll post later. sock #2 gets started tomorrow morning.

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Wednesday, June 22

almost at the heel!

so i kinda had a lot of spare knitting time today...

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Tuesday, June 21

starting sock #1

i'm really just happy that the toe worked out & that i didn't mess up the figure-8 and whatnot...so here's a little snap of what i did today:

progress probably won't continue quite so fast after today (it's a busy week) but i was happy that my lil sock has a toe!

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